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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few More Pages...


Another new day, typing this blog post from the patio...

Happy birds greet me,

And realize just how much I am going to miss these carefree mornings, outdoors, once I return back to work in August.

Another reason why I like to keep an art journal.

When Winter becomes unbearable, and free time is limited...

I can flip through the very pages of this journal and be reminded just why I work hard.

Travel, fun purchases, art supplies, entertaining, gardening, good meals...

And the joy of doing absolutely nothing!

Yes, this is why we set an alarm, get out in the cold...even when we don't feel well, and go do tasks that often leave us mentally drained.

I love looking back at old art journals!

I also find great pleasure in starting a brand new art journal.


A few more pages remain in this journal, then it's complete! This journal documents the time that I left Maryland and began a new life, here with Paul! Our wedding!!!! What a beautiful story to sit on a shelf...

And read over and over

Through the years.

I like the pocket in the back of the Moleskines...

They hold memorabilia from special even, along with photos, etc.

Do you keep an art journal?

Wishing you a perfect day!



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