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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Honeymoon...

Hello out there!

Why is it that a vacation (which is meant to be for rest and relaxation),... Leaves us exhausted?

I'm so glad that I have this time off from work to regroup and settle into married life!

I have been going through all of our photos and reflecting on these wonderful moments.

I do have some honeymoon pics to share!

Just a handful. For today anyway!

We started off with a visit to Monroe, Louisiana...

Just to stop by here-

Although we did not get to meet any from the "Duck Dynasty" tv show, we did, however, go inside the warehouse for some shopping and picture taking!
We spent only one night in Louisiana to rest. You see, we prefer to drive when we travel. Paul and I do not do well with itineraries, rules, schedules, or being with others. We are both true free spirits who prefer to go wherever we desire, whenever we desire... And even change our minds at the last moment! We also enjoy stumbling upon "accidental" places and exploring. In fact, that is how we discovered Biloxi, Mississippi last Summer, and did decide to make Biloxi our honeymoon destination!

Of course, we have to stop and see things! We spent about 45 minutes here, watching for gators! At last...
We did see a baby alligator! Only his head and eyes, peeking up from beneath the water.
Once in Biloxi, Mississippi, we continued to explore, shop, walk, but we were also very content just being in our hotel/ resort, located on the gulf shore.
We absolutely love Beau Rivage hotel!!!!
We stayed in this exact hotel last Summer, so naturally, we knew that we wanted Beau Rivage to be "our special place"!
We stayed on the 23rd floor this time, with a waterfront view. Oh, so beautiful here! Not only were we minutes from the beach, we also had a spa, salon, gym, pool, shops, restaurants, a coffee house, casino, ice cream/ gelato parlor, and a theatre, all under our roof! No reason to really leave Beau Rivage...
But we did get out and sight see! One day we took a ferry to an island for a few hours. Paul also learned all about shrimping! (By the way, we ate seafood nearly daily while there).
We walked around downtown Biloxi. So many cute shops!

And art!

I could go on and on about Biloxi, Mississippi ...

But I have so much more that I'd like to share! Maybe later. We went on to Memphis, Tennessee after leaving Biloxi. Ate lunch on Beale street and did some shopping.

On our final travel day, we stopped in Arkansas and went antiquing!

Hmmmmm. We just happen to buy a tea set!

I'm so looking forward to The Mad Hatter Tea Party, aren't you?!!!!

Carmen! I do hope that you read this. Thank you for your sweet comment! I have tried and tried to respond...

With no luck. I use my iPad to blog. I never can seem to respond to comments, but I do soooooooo very much, read them and appreciate each and every one!!!!!!

I'm not only settling into married life, but also creating a new atmosphere around the house, and soon diving into art, art, art!!!!!!

You shall see!



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