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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

On A Typical Saturday...

On a typical Saturday, I usually wake before my husband.

I sit by a small lamp, in the living room, and work in my art journal as I sip my java.

You see, I really don't do much art on the weekends because we use Saturday to get out and explore, work around the house and the yard, run errands. Sunday, we stick close to home and rest or prepare for the work week.

So, this morning I completed yesterday's art journal entry.

A few hours into the morning we were out the door!

Into the city...


Our first stop- City Market. We buy some pastries, a few onions and whole garlic for homemade salsa. It was so crowded at the market today... I really could not capture any great pics to share with you. Elbow to elbow with people who frown on someone who stops to take pictures! I don't enjoy a crowded day at City Market nearly as much as a slow day!

After a walk through, blocks and blocks of produce, yard ornaments, flowers, women's clothing, purses, wind chimes, artists playing guitars or sketching...

The smell of barbecue and Tai food...

We were hungry!

We agreed to indulge in one of our guilty pleasures...


Our favorite buffets are casino buffets. I think that we also enjoy the beauty, the lights, and the uniqueness of each casino that we visit.

This one really was fabulous!

This is the inside of the casino. The entire ceiling is painted blue with fluffy, realistic clouds. Amazing!

It was as if we had entered into a little village. Each restaurant and shop had the appearance of a storefront, house, or building.

It really was a great place to shoot some interesting pics!

Oh, and the buffet was out of this world good!

Yes, we are buffet busters!

On a typical Saturday...

After a huge buffet...

We return home to nap.

Happy weekend, friends!



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