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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Friends, Mermaids, and Starfish...

Good morning to you!

I sit here in the morning light, outside on the patio with a cup of coffee.

Pondering. Reflecting.

This patio has been the host to many memorable occasions!

Over the weekend, it was a perfect place for two longtime friends and a beautiful mess!

Together, we enter into a whole new world where the creativity flows for days and we bounce from one project to another. Even after the sun sets, we remain, under the patio lights...

Working away, like little elves. Building, assembling, painting, talking, and laughing.

A block of clay becomes a starfish...

Mounted onto a painted, wood box.

Some of our projects,such as the box, do not get completed...

Until the next time we meet...

Or, we may work on them from miles apart and share the process by phone- sending text messages and pictures! Either way, the projects are shared together. Isn't it just the greatest thing, to have a friend who is much like yourself and has the same interests as you? I do hope that you have one of these friends... Or two!

A friend who adores a silly little sculpture to set on a shelf!

So, our hands knead and pinch clay for hours...

Until mermaids appear.

Meet "Mable"!

She is my mermaid friend. Lori chose her name. I'm not completely satisfied with her face, but I shall work on her a bit more.

Even mermaids need a friend, right?

Here are the girls, together! Don't they make you just smile big?

Oh, how we enjoyed playing with the clay and glitter!!!! I am now inspired to do more sculpting for sure!

In between projects, we break for a snack.

Zucchini on the grill was a very nice treat!

We brushed each slice with olive oil and then topped with herbs from my garden, freshly grated Parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes and peppers. You must try this!!!!

It was a glorious weekend and always difficult to say our goodbyes. ( I still cry when my loved ones leave). Sometimes I do feel so far away from all of my people and familiar places...

Way out here, in the country.

But then my husband returns from his fun weekend in the Ozarks...

He and I take a drive...

And I am reminded once again, just how grateful I am to live out in the country. It's so very peaceful and serene.

We resume our normal routines here today- he back to work while I tend to the home and the gardens...

And of course, the creative projects of my own.

I will grin each time that I pass by "Mable"...

And think of Lori, of course!

Blessings to you all!




  1. I love Mabel and think she is just adorable! I've been wanting to get my hands into clay, just haven't done it. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi, Laura!
    It was a glorious weekend!!!! Thank you!
    You must try the clay! Oh, so fun! We used paperclay for these projects, but I like different clays for various projects! Think I'll do more clay later today!
    Enjoy your day! ;-)