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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Banners, Lights, and JOY!

Oooooohhhhh, hurry up, nightfall!

I want to see the lights...

And, the colorful banner!!!

Today I completed my banner project.

I "colored" the last two pennants this morning, while sipping my coffee.

Then, it was time to heat set each pennant. I used paper towels to cover the colored side of the pennants, and ironed over the paper towel in a slow, circular motion. Done!

I took it a step further!

I coated each pennant with liquid gel medium. Because I want to use the pennants for outdoors (under a covered patio), I felt that a little extra protection would be helpful! Living In the country, my big concern is the dust.

I hung the pennants to dry...

Oh, my... How fun is this?!!!

In the meantime, I cut strips of canvas and painted them, using acrylic paints. (I later glued them to the pennants with a heavy duty glue, to create the "hanger thingys").



I had a great time doing this silly project! That's the most important thing...

Whether silly or not, if you are enjoying the process and the results leave you smiling, then it was well worth it!

I hung the pennants directly onto a rope light!

We are into lighting around here.

The arch gate to my secret garden even wears lights!

I considered hanging the banner there, but it's a bit far away from the patio. The bold colors just wouldn't show up to my liking at a distance.

You can bet that we will be dancing and giggling under the lighted banner soon...

My girly friend,Lori,arrives here tomorrow!!!!

Blessings to you!