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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cool Coloring (tutorial)...

Hello to you!

Lookie at what I'm doing today...

No! I'm not laying on a colorful beach towel, in the sand!

I'm sitting in my favorite Summer spot, right here, on my patio...

Playing with these cool crayons-

I have had these fabric crayons for many years. I enjoyed them way back then, but as I continue to add to my art supplies collection, I find that the old supplies seem to be forgotten and buried in the bottom of a drawer! I'm trying to change this. It's time that I start using ALL of my supplies and try them out on new projects.

Just out of curiosity, I looked online at one of my favorite art supplies store, and found that these crayons are still available...

And so inexpensive! Wow! How could something so good cost so little?!!!

So, I have this idea in mind.

I want to create a colorful banner for our patio. I want bold, bright Summery colors!

Also, long ago, I cut out all of these pennants from an old blanket in which I had purchased from an estate sale. The pretty blanket was torn and tattered, but I knew that I would find a use for it. I liked the texture and design.

I want to keep this project simple. A no brainer...

I just want to color and think about the light-hearted things that make me smile! (Like the weekend visitor who will be arriving here on Thursday to make art with me! My dear, dear friend, Lori...since seventh grade, I might add)!

Giggle, giggle.


These crayons are so easy to work with.

Just color! Press hard for a more vibrant color. You can clearly see that they work rather well, even on a bumpy fabric.


Aaaaahhhhh, Summer!

It's a perfect day here in Kansas. A subtle breeze flowing through the patio. Birds chirping! I saw a hummingbird pass by earlier! We must get her some sugary food. I sip on my ice cold drink...

I put cucumbers in everything lately since we have tons of them popping up in the garden. This is green tea with cold cucumbers. I eat so many veggies throughout the Summer months. It's so nice to just walk outside and pick fresh vegetables that we, ourselves, grew! Do you garden?

I will say goodbye for now and continue on with my coloring!

Oh! Be sure to heat set your colored project when finished! Just lay a piece of paper over the colored project and iron.

I do hope that you enjoy some coloring too...

And think pleasant, happy thoughts!




  1. those banners look fabulous! hmmm...my mind is spinning now... must look for some of those crayons!
    i love my garden but this week has just been too hot to be out there except for early morning watering.

    enjoy your day!

  2. Oh, Laura! It was very hot here today but I was determined to get this banner hung, as I have company arriving tomorrow! Follow the link to Dick Blick. Just click on "fabric crayons" in the post! They really are fabulous and now I need more!!!!!