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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Blues To Positive...

I'm trying to focus on the positive things about Winter!

Another snow day... And again tomorrow. Keep in mind, I also had two snow days last week! I have not used my time wisely... For art, I mean. So, after preparing chicken noodle soup for the crockpot, and baking cornbread muffins, I did some art journaling. I feel terribly "blocked". My normal routine is off and I really don't feel all that creative. I am so glad that I also have a passion for photography. Even when I'm simply "not feeling it"... It's effortless for me to pick up my camera and shoot interesting pictures. With that being said, the first positive statement that I can say about Winter is...

It's absolutely breathtaking and beautiful when the snow is falling!

This morning I went out and captured these gusty moments! This is the biggest snowfall that Kansas has experienced in years! I took these pics with my iphone4s. I'm just not ready to expose my new camera to these weather conditions!

More great things about Winter-

It is a cozy time. I love being in my sweats and thick socks, sipping hot beverages. I nap rather soundly. It's so peaceful here.

Peace to you all too!

I enjoy the warm meals that we seem to pine for during cold, Winter months.

Because I was at home today, I got to have lunch with Paul today! It was so yummy!

I've had fun hanging out on Facebook more during these snowy days! Oh... And watching tv! I also nibbled on some chocolate this afternoon!

Winter. I'm liking it more today. Really, I am!

I type this from the bedroom, where we have very large windows, and I have the curtains open. It's snowing again! Oh my!!!!!

Huge, fluffy flakes! It's a perfect scene.

Blessings to all and please, do stay warm!


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