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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh, This Crazy Weather!

I have been home since Thursday, and must admit,... I am ready to return back to work tomorrow! (Hopefully). They say that another big snow storm is heading our way tomorrow afternoon. Oh my. Although it is very beautiful, and a perfect setting for picture-taking... I'm now getting "cabin fever".

Do you see the tire tracks in the yard? My fella has a Polaris RZR. The cold does not stop him from going outside to play! I had to get out before he did and also snap some "clean" pics before he ripped up the lovely snow blanket! Oh, just look at those sparkles!!!

It reminds me of sugar!

So soft and fluffy!

We have done a lot of snacking during this blizzard! Yesterday we did get out to do some BIG grocery shopping in the city. I bought some special cheese. It's so yummy!

It's very much like Feta cheese.... With cranberries. I love trying new foods, don't you?

I hope that I can fit into my jeans tomorrow! Giggle, giggle. I don't get much exercise during the Winter months. It's frustrating, but I just allow myself to eat through the cold season! (Pamper myself)!

I've watched lots of television these past few days. That's been fun... Since I rarely watch tv.

Paul and I both watch those true crime shows... And get spooked! Last night we had a full moon in the night sky. It was a bit eery...

But did make for a nice picture.

It's been so serene here, out in the country. I will ease into the noisy work mode tomorrow!

I could very well be back home...

Inside for a few more days soon.

Oh, this crazy weather!

Until next time...


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