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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day. Oh, how I dreaded it... Every year... For many years. Seriously, it just never was a great event for me. I observed friends and co-workers being lavished with love, roses, and chocolate, discussing their plans for Valentine's eve with great excitement. Just another reminder to me that I was unvalued in my "situation", and would be spending Valentine's Day alone. Even during good times in my relationships, it never happened. Valentine's Day was sabotaged by unexpected chaos. Initially, I accepted the first few Valentine's Day disappointments, telling myself that the next one would be better... But let's face it. After 10 bad February 14ths in a row... Well, lets just say that I became wise and realistic. This day was simply not a day for ME to celebrate, in fact, prior to Paul, I feared the last few V-days and prepared for them as if they were a severe storm moving in my direction. I would go do some shopping ( for myself, of course), the day before. A frozen pizza, a few horror movie rentals... and maybe even a little chocolate. Once my workday was done on Valentine's Day, I would scurry home, put on my jammies, and shut myself into my safe, cozy bedroom for the night with all of my goods...

and ride the storm out!

Those days are behind me now.

Yesterday I came home from work to a dozen of beautiful roses in a vase, balloons, candy, and the sweetest card that read, " I will love you always and forever... Paul".

He truly is amazing and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!

My heart goes out to all of those, who do struggle with Valentine's Day because not everyone does have the experience of being appreciated and pampered this one day out of the year, yet cannot avoid it. I do hope that those people WILL do as I did...

and take care of themselves with a special treat and some love. It will pass. For some it will take years.


Don't these little guys just make you smile? Sugar bears! Oh, how cute! Too cute to eat really... but I gobbled them up!

It was a quiet evening at home. We like that during the work week. No extra events. We even had dinner at home- enchiladas.

Sending some love your way!



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