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Meet The Artist
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Friday, February 22, 2013

All of This White...

Guess who has been inside for the past two days... In her loungewear... sipping java with macchiato creamer and being creative?

It's been pure bliss!

Thursday morning the big, fluffy white flakes began to fall. As predicted, this continued throughout the entire day! I must confess, I spent that day resting and catching up on house chores. Today I spent some time updating my art journal. (I never did finish my Valentine's Day entry)!

I sketch with Micron archival pens. I prefer the smallest tip- 01. This ink does not bleed when wet. I have tried other brands, but always end up returning to my Microns!

I am totally in love with my MaimeriBlu watercolors... And Paul! He smiles as he picks up my art journal and sees this Valentine entry.

We played today...

Out in the deep snow!

Even the dogs joined in! This is Mindy Lou.

I think that we got a total of 12 inches of snow here. Our pond has a pretty sheet of ice on it. I plan on photographing it more tomorrow.

It really is a pretty sight... All of the white. I put on my boots and dashed out the back door to capture the sun setting.

We are now back inside, quite cozy and warm.

Having night coffee.

Winter Blessings!


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