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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A rumor...

There's a rumor going around in my neck of the woods. Everyone is talking about it. They say that we are going to have a severe snow storm here. The Wintery mix is supposedly arriving very late, tomorrow night... and the other part of that rumor is that school may be canceled for Thursday... Possibly even on Friday. I try not to allow myself to get too excited about a snow day... Oh, but it's so hard not to secretly wish for it to happen! How nice it would be to sleep in a little, all wrapped up in these wonderful micro fleece sheets! It's just a bonus day off when this happens... and that creative mind really kicks in. Big snow... (So they say). What could possibly be better than some pajama painting, java sipping, movie watching, picture taking... and chocolate eating on a weekday?!!!!!


I happen to have a chocolate stash. Shhhhhhh. Giggle giggle.

The snow is so beautiful out here, in the country. We had a bit of snow just a week ago and I captured a few pretty photos.


If this rumor is true, we will not be able to get out for anything, so we may go do some shopping tomorrow after work. There's something thrilling about being "stuck inside". I can hardly contain my excitement...

But I must.

For now...

it is only a rumor.


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