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Meet The Artist
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Monday, February 11, 2013


I am always inspired by events, celebrations... and cake! As I prepared for Paul's Birthday I found myself painting pretty pastries and mixing paints to create the perfect "chocolate frosting" color. I am always captivated by the fluffy, swirly icing... the texture and the perfect peaks!

I started this 5"x7" watercolor card last night while eating leftover cake! (Another great thing about Birthdays is leftover cake and ice cream)!
This chocolate cake is from a journal entry last week.
And more art journaling.

Because I journal and paint nearly daily, I do not wish to be confined to my art room. I prefer portability. I move from room to room, and during Summer months, I prefer to be outdoors.

This works for me-

Isn't it great?

It will even hold my iPad and iPhone!

It was back to work today. I was ready to get back into routine again. I seem to get more done when I am working. Strange, but true. After work, I did two loads of laundry, painted, made a hair appointment for Friday, ate supper, blogged! I'm not always creative and energetic when working, but I do believe that during time off I just prefer to pamper myself with rest. I give myself permission to do absolutely nothing on days off. Once in work mode... I work, I create, I cook, clean, and juggle! Of course, I am now wearing down. Time to read for awhile before bed. Oh, and I might just enjoy a piece of cake with some hot tea.

Sweet dreams to all!


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