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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Things, Including Paint...

Well, January is behind us now. Hello, February... and hope. (Hope to soon see brighter skies and warmer temperatures. Hope that March gets here quickly, along with Spring break... and yellow-green leaves)? We just never know here in Kansas, but I must confess... I do love the different seasons. Each one comes with its own gifts and colors. I appreciate certain characteristics from each.

Winter is all about cozy and pampering. I have a Winter routine... Far different than my Summer routine. I want to be inside and I feel no guilt in sitting in bed with a cup of hot tea or coffee, piles of pillows, ( including a blue, fuzzy dolphin Pillow Pet)... painting and reading. Last week I even did some shopping online. I decided that it was time I upgrade to a finer watercolor set. I prefer pans over tubes, and for some reason I was set on getting a metal box since my previous sets were all the plastic field boxes. As I always do, I spent days reading about the different brands. I was really drawn to "Maimeri", besides, I also prefer Italian made ( over the other choices in watercolor sets). Makes sense for a girl who's favorite foods are Italian, favorite designer is Italian, and so on. I went to Dick Blick and clicked the ADD TO CART button... Also added some Arches watercolor paper. Took a few deep breaths and checked out!

Today I can tell you that I wish that I would have made this purchase years ago. Although I haven't had much time to paint, I have tried all of the colors, painted a few small greeting cards. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful colors and such smooth appearance. I am now a "Maimeri girl", for life.

I started this painting early this morning...

Because I got the palette with 48 colors, I haven't yet mixed any of the colors. I want to become better acquainted with the individuals colors first! I think that the colors look very Tuscany! Hee hee. Very rich. Lots of reds, yellows, oranges, and earthy! I will be enjoying every minute of this weekend...

Even when I'm doing other Wintery things that I so love, such as making soup in the kitchen. Today's menu:

Mushroom and wild rice.


It's not very colorful, but it sure was delicious!

Winter doesn't have to be gloomy. Even the sun is peeking through the windows and I have still been snapping pictures of the lovely skies, day and night!

Stay cozy and warm!


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