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Meet The Artist
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Monday, December 30, 2013

To Chalk Things Up...

Hello, my friends!

I haven't much to write about today, my apologies. I have been enjoying extra time with my love since he has been home more due to the holidays. It's been so nice! On Saturday night night I put on my cool new boots...

(A Christmas gift from hubby), and we went out! We tried the new Chineses restaurant, here in our prairie town. We were very pleased, and our usual comment after the meal was, "I hope that they can stay in business". Sadly, in small towns such as ours, businesses and restaurants come and go quickly.

Ok. So... What gift did I give to him for Christmas?.....

Ta Da!

I gave him a set of three canvas wedding prints!


It was also my way of ridding of the hideous wall decor that has been hanging on the walls ever since I moved here.

Friends, that's another story all in itself.

Another gift from hubby was this amazing globe light for my studio! He got it hung for me.

My work table is loaded down again with a variety of of projects...

I've been dabbling in Bombay Inks, my art journal, and clay.

I can't seem to put they clay down lately! Funny, I go through these stages. A few months back it was basket weaving... Every single evening! I never get bored in my world. If I do get a bit restless, I switch to other supplies in my play room!

Watercolor and my art journaling are just a part of me. I do and prefer these nearly daily, like taking vitamins. It's routine.

I'm currently working on two secret projects that I'll show in a future blog post!

Much snacking and movie watching around here lately! The most delightful cheese balls and pita chips...

along with some scary movies that even made hubby squeal a time or two!

I'm also playing with chalkboards. He and I are designing a large, vintage style chalkboard for the kitchen...

But until then, my tiny board is nice to practice with...

And to wish YOU and your loved ones a Happy New Year!!!!!

Embrace 2014.



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