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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's A New Year!!!!

Hello, dear ones and Happy new year!!!!

It's pretty calm around here. Last night as well. Hubby and I sat in our new recliners, in our lounge wear, watching a scary movie! I tend to work on something creative as I sit because I'm really not a good sitter and my attention span is short. My mind never rests and yesterday I was just a bit excited about an accomplishment! A goal in which I had been pondering for awhile now. I decided to go ahead and begin the new year by re-stocking my etsy shop, now that I am settled into a permanent home and my vagabond has stopped and unpacked! It's tough after a divorce and not really knowing where home will be. Starting all over. Roaming. That was me a few years back. One certainly cannot maintain any kind of business in such chaos. I let go of many things during that time, including goals and dreams. Art supplies were in plastic tubs that traveled from Southwestern Kansas to the East coast, then Eastern Kansas!

Aaaaaah. At last I am at peace and have my life back...

A much better one than before, in fact!

So, I'm back up and running on etsy. I may never succeed there...

But I won't ever know until I do give it my time and commitment, right?

Here's the link to my shop, "La La Vagabond". I do hope that you'll stop by for a visit!

I like variety and will continue to list everything from original paintings, ACEO's, sculptures, greeting cards, holiday goodies, and always surprises! Always!

A pretty princess original watercolor painting that comes with a chocolate matt!

I try my best to price my art at reasonable prices that will allow everyone to afford, if they desire to purchase a piece.

My shop accepts credit, debit cards, paypal.

All is up-to-date, confirmed and verified! Yay!!!!

All of that alone took many hours, so for me, it's something to shout about!

Don't you just love that magical feeling that seems to arrive with the new year?

It's as if we have been given yet another opportunity to challenge ourselves and continue to create the lives that we so want.

I do not do resolutions. I just continue to improve and grow. It's always important to me to live a creative life, every single day.

I like to keep things colorful and make believe!

(A lot of glitter too)!


So, on that note, I shall say goodbye for now...


Wishing you a magical and wondrous 2014!

May dreams come true, goals achieved, and love shared!

Until next post,




  1. Happy New Year, Missy! I don't do resolutions either but this year I chose today to start a new habit for my health. Here's hoping! :-)

  2. Happy new year to you, Laura.... And wishing you better health in 2014!!!! Xo