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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Journal Love in December...

Hello, dear ones!

Why am I wide awake at 3:30 am? I've come to the conclusion that it's just all of the excitement of Christmas that has me joyfully jumping out of bed at these odd times! Hubby and I both get like this when we are looking forward to an event! Seriously, we are like a couple of small children!

Oh well. It's a lovely time to blog. Ya know...

Dark outside. So peaceful. Lights around the prairie home project a warm, golden glow.


Reflections in the windows.

Rumor has it that a big snow storm will be making its way to us this evening. We are excited about this as well!

Hubby wants to ride his Polaris RZR on our land, through the snow.

I'm content with some hot java and journal love. Always.

Boys. He loves his toys...

and I adore mine.

I'm going to make gingerbread men cookies this weekend! I picked up all of the trimmings at the store- spice drops, red hots, and cookie icing in red, white, and green. Oh, how fun!

I'm sure that I will discover a few with missing limbs. It happens in our home. Crumbs on the counter tops, cakes and cookies mysteriously vanish. Hmmmmm.

He makes me smile!


These are one day, Christmas memories for us.

A huge reason why I journal.

I want to savor every moment.

Wishing you all warm hearts!



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