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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sweetness in December...

Hello, and a ho, ho, ho!

Just a couple of days, my friends!!!

Are you ready?

We have already begun to celebrate Christmas here in our prairie home!

Look what we woke up to this morning...


Beautiful and pure white snow!

I chose to stay inside today, however, hubby was just itching to get out in it and play!

Inside- the smell of the wood burning stove, along with gingerbread.


I made gingerbread cookies and had so much fun!

Adding the icing and faces was my most favorite part!

Oh!!! The book in the one photo! Have you read it? I absolutely love that book and long to start a Christmas cookie club here in my little community. If you've not read, "The Christmas Cookie Club"... Please do!!!

No boys allowed in my cookie club! Of course, I will never deny him the sweet treats that he so desires.

He loved his gingers!


I prefer photographing the little fellas over eating them! I used my instant camera to take a credit card size picture...

For my art journal! Just perfect, don't you think?

So much sweetness this time of year. My husband received a box of fine chocolates from one of his customers. Aren't they fabulous?!!!


I couldn't resist eating one. Just one...

and I must tell you that it tasted even better than it looks! Yes, indeed!

Aside from dark chocolate, my favorite candy are these. Black licorice and sugary sweetness together. Paul put a bag in my stocking...

But they are now gone! We snacked last night! These, in the photograph, are clay. I'm making them for my cupcake sculptures. See...

Cuteness, eh?

I'm still working on cupcakes, various themes.

There are many projects sitting on my work table.

I jump from one to the other!


As promised, I will leave you with a pic of my new hair!

I may go even darker on the ends yet. It's nice for a change!

Enjoying lazy days here, leading up to Christmas. I do hope that you are as well, and able to share time with loved ones.





  1. the snow is so pretty! we had rain and 70's here today. ugh! i need snow!! i'm still amazed at those cupcakes and how real they look. have a wonderful night!
    happy holidays!

    1. Hi, Laura! 70's! Omg! Soak up some sun for me!!!! Yes, the snow is beautiful. I am having so much fun with these silly cupcakes!!!! Happy holidays to you, my friend!! Xo