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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's not always easy to "stay on track". We do lose our balance while juggling life! I find that it's quite difficult to pick up where I left off because I am out of practice, with no routine again. For me, getting back to that comfortable, creative mode is especially tough.
This painting almost found it's way...
right into the trash can!
Seriously. It was my first painting in a very long while. I certainly needed an angel's assistance, and so, I had already decided that I was going to paint an angel. Little did I know that this angel would take nearly 3 days to complete!
I began with a sketch. Although her face was all wrong, I did not concern myself much with that because I wasn't ready for the details yet. I would return to the face at a later stage.
For the time being, I tried to enjoy the process by adding "earthy" colors to create a background.
A mess!
Absolute mess.
I saw stripes, streaks, and muddy colors.
I used watercolors, pastel pencils, colored pencils.
a mess!
I have been in a bad frame of mind anyway with my family flying back to kansas...
without me.
I have been feeling so terribly homesick.
Easter is just around the corner and I cannot help but to reflect on the wonderful Easter memories BD. (Before Divorce). He and I always dyed Easter eggs and played Easter bunny for one another, and to others!
We shared nice Easter dinners with family. Home baked aromas filled the home in which I so loved. My favorite place to be.
So, with a mind filled with such gloom, no wonder I could not paint. It really does show up in art- moods, emotions.
I allowed myself the time to burrow beneath the blankets, cry, eat candy, watch movies...
and the sad painting to sit, unfinished, on top of my work table.
2 days passed. I was feeling "human" again.
I went back to my angel.
Renewal was found that day...
for both she and I.

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