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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chocolate Inspiration...

Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything.
Because the weather has been so perfect here these past few days, I have spent more time outside!
Over the weekend, I visited this local bakery. It's a wonderful bakery, filled with the prettiest pastries, at a very nice price! For $3.95...
You can have a mini key lime pie tart all to yourself! (I did just that)!

Or, you may have this very loaded chocolate delight, for the same price.

I had one of those as well.

I take my fork and gently begin to break open this treasure...
it was more than I even imagined!
So rich and so fluffy!

Yes, I gained a couple of pounds, I'm sure...
but I also left the bakery with a huge smile on my face and some inspiration for these yummy cards! The cards may be purchased in my etsy shop!
Treat yourself to some good!

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