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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fulfillment for free...

Isn't it amazing how the warmth and some sunshine can effect our moods and enhance our days? I must confess, I have had "cabin fever" for too long now! I have anxiously awaited Spring weather just so that I could be outside more. It seems that as I get older, my need to enjoy nature is much greater, and exploring the great outdoors has become a hobby for me. On Friday, I felt like a little girl again, getting out my pretty bike...
I filled the bike basket with my essentials:
camera, flip video camera, iphone, water, and some cash for an ice cream cone... if that sudden urge were to come over me.
I live very close to a bike & walking trail. It's a beautiful trail that goes on and on, from town to town.

As I rode...
I realized at one moment...
that I had a smile on my face.
I felt so happy.
I felt so young!

So, yesterday I got out of bed and worked on some art for a few hours, however, I could not stop thinking about nature and what I might be missing out on!
How could I possibly sit still and spend the day indoors when I could hear the birds singing outside my window?
I decided to go for a walk on the trail.
This time, I packed a small backpack, once again, filling it with the essentials.
Oh my! I had the most glorious day!
I think that I actually prefer walking over the bike because I can easily stop, observe, and snap pictures.
Because we are still experiencing some cold temperatures, not all of the trees and plants are in bloom yet.

My eyes light up when I do see color!

I found an opportunity to play with my new Sony point & shoot camera. For years now, I have kept a camera in my bag. It goes everywhere that I go so that I never miss a pretty picture!
Last night, I felt contentment.
I made some popcorn, watched a movie.
For the first time in a very long time, I felt fulfilled, balanced...tired!
Isn't it amazing...
something so small, such as a walk or a bike ride...amongst the trees and rocks...
can be so rewarding?
And, it cost nothing.
Wishing you all a fulfilling weekend!

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