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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Emma Jean Loves Easter...

Meet Emma Jean!
Emma Jean loves Easter and always participates in the annual craft bizarre in her small community.
Located just a few blocks from the church, and just across the street from, "The Dairy Freeze", an average of 20 women will gather in Hank's old garage to sell their handcrafted goods.
Now Emma Jean proudly displays a small sampling of her talent...
around her neck, on her head...
and if you could only see her shoes. Uh hum. She has hand-carved little, yellow chicks from twigs and calls these treasures her original, "Chick N' Clips". (Once hot glued onto clothespins, they may be clipped onto shoes, handbags, etc.). You get the idea. Only $2.00 a pair.
Oh yes.
Emma Jean loves Spring...
and Easter.
I hope that everyone out there is feeling it! SPRING is upon us!
WEAR YOUR HATS (and eggs) proudly!

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