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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slow Down, January!

I feel a bit overwhelmed right now with too many projects, deadlines, unpacking suitcases, laundry, and still trying to develop a routine which is even more challenging now after being out of town for 2 weeks! My latest entry for "The Sketchbook Project 2011" (pictured above, unfinished), was inspired by these overwhelming anxieties. I realize that sometimes we do need to just sit, breathe, think, prioritize our list of things to do. I did just this today, along with my soft, cuddly companion...

"Squeaky", my new Pillow Pet!
I picked him up throughout my travels because I wanted a pillow to rest my head on when taking long trips...and after seeing my neice's Pillow Pet, I just knew that this would be a perfect choice for me...
as he is also a very nice, warm buddy to cuddle with! Love this find and I'm still sleeping with him in place of a standard, boring ol' pillow!

I'm reading the Awe-manac book each morning and do hope to soon find the time to actually do the activities suggested. Wonderful inspiration! Thank you again, Laura.
Off to the grocery store now and then I shall finish up this Sketchbook entry!

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  1. Both your sketchbook entry and pillow are so cute! Yes, sometimes we have to stop, think and breathe deeply. Traveling always throws off the routine, but that's good...shaking things up a bit, right? I am really enjoying the Awe-Manac! Glad you are too! xo