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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Friday, January 7, 2011


 Last night I sat in the warm bed and finished adding the details to my Sketchbook pages. In the colder months, I like to work on projects from my bed! Of course, it gets a bit chaotic with art supplies scattered and hidden beneath pillows and a comforter...but, it works for me!
I woke up to discover a dusting of snow outside! So pretty. So serene.
I have a big pot of Chicken enchilada soup simmering on the stovetop and the wonderful aroma has filled the air.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, the comforts of Winter...
and today I feel so grateful to be at "home".
I'm still trying to get used to calling this house my "HOME".
I am safe, warm, and content. These are good foundations for creating a new home.
Blessings to all!

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  1. I love the saying "where ever I lay my hat is my home". It's up to us to make where ever we might be "home" and you are doing that, one step at a time! So proud! Being in a safe, warm and contented place is priceless. Haha to your scattered supplies hiding under pillows and blankets. Sounds like fun. :) xo