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Meet The Artist
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Friday, January 28, 2011

The POWER of comfort...

Beautiful, isn't it?
Well, it WAS beautiful to see the pure, white snow falling from the sky Wednesday! I was like a child, filled with excitement as if it had suddenly become a "snow day" for me! (giggle, giggle...I'm working from home now, so I didn't quite understand the thrill, but I did feel so grateful to be at home). At 6:00 am I was outside, in my pajamas, snapping photos!
By evening, we had accumulated quite a bit of fluff, and while watching. "American Idol" and  admiring Steven Tyler...
It happened. The entire neighborhood became black. We had lost all power. As time passed, it became quite cold throughout the house. Rather than worry over the situation, I decided to go on to bed and hope to wake with electricity.

On Thursday morning I did not feel excitement anymore!
I awoke to darkness and silence. I could see my own breath! I began lighting candles.

And more candles.
To make a long story short, it was a very uncomfortable day. I layered my clothing and stayed in bed with some art supplies. I tried to keep my focus on the colors...rather than the coldness.

I layered the colors just as I had layered my shirts and sweat pants...even my socks!

Finally, it seemed that the best solution to regain some warmth would be to leave the house...
so, I did just that. I savored the piping hot bowl of chicken noodle soup at "Noodles & Co.", and then headed to the mall. I was feeling human again.
A few hours later, I felt that overwhelming excitement all over again. Upon entering the neighborhood, I began to see lights! I whispered to myself, "please, please, please......", and then I shouted out, "YES"!!!!!!!!!!! I could see that the power had returned!
I resumed where I had left off long ago, (or so it seemed)...
back into a warm bed with a well lighted room, the sound of electricity, my sketch pad on my lap...
AND, even Steven Tyler for another episode of, "American Idol".
Aaaahhhhh, life is good!

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  1. I saw on the news that nearly half a million people were without power in your neck of the woods and I knew you would probably be one of them! Very nice perspective on the long candle shot. Me likey! :)
    After Hurricane Wilma, 7 million people were without power (three days for us). It was the eeriest thing to see nothing at night...not even lights from Miami lighting the horizon. But, for the first time we could see millions of stars down here! So, there is always a plus and in your case you created some beautiful art!
    Now, stay warm and keep that creative flow goin'! :)