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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art, Art, and more ART!

Well, there is still snow on the ground here so I do prefer to be inside, working on some art. I finished the colored pencil piece (above)...
Yay, it has been sold! Thank you, Nora! I will matt it and ship it out to her this week.
If ever there is something that you see here that sparks your interest, please know that it is for sale unless it is a personal project/ gift, of course.
If an original piece has sold, no worries! I sell prints as well.

Ok, so I have been working with a few colored pencils that are very worn and now only about an inch long! It was time to go visit "Art Things"!
This shop is awesome and they DO carry EVERYTHING! Take a peek...

Always a sale out front!

Great support here...afterall, the shop is owned by artists!

Wear anything ...or purchase something to wear.
Journal the year's events...

Paint a pretty picture...

Sing, dance, sketch, play...
Yes, I had an artful day!

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  1. Ooh, loved the finished piece! Take me here when I come, yes? I better bring some extra cash!LOL!