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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011...A NEW YEAR!

Oh my! Where do I begin?!!!
Today is January 4th, however, for me, it feels like the first day of the month and the new year since I was traveling for the first 2 days of 2011. Once I arrived back in Maryland at 3:00 am yesterday morning, I spent the entire day of January 3rd in bed!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and rang in this new year with as much excitement as I! Yes, I am embracing this new year with great expectations and many goals.
Recently divorced. It was a long, drawn-out and painful last few years. It was a divorce that really shouldn't have happened, but did. Very sad, and I spent 2010 on an emotional rollercoaster. My art and creativity neglected.
I'm looking forward to being free from the cluttered mind and painting a much happier 2011!
Because I have been "blocked" for quite some time now, my dear friend, Laura, sent me this AWESOME book for Christmas! I will read each daily delight (365 of them)...directives to help make life more creative, amusing, gratifying, and extraordinary! Thank you so much, Laura!
I shall allow the creative journey to begin!
Because I have been quite busy with Christmas and family in Kansas, which was all quite enjoying, it does, however, feels so nice to wake up this morning in this new year, in my new life in Maryland. I am behind on many projects and commitments, but I do have the time now to play catch up and to savor the race!
It's nice to return to my blog as well.
Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Yay! So happy you are back home safely! I know it was a tough year for you but you have come through it with outstretched wings and a stronger spirit, ready to fly wherever life and your art takes you! So very proud of you! I look forward to see how the Awe-Manac inspires you. I've gotten so much from it already! Happy Creating! Love you lots!