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Meet The Artist
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Time flies...

Hello April!

Hello, dear readers (if you are still following)?!

By the time January arrived, I must confess. Getting myself to pick up a paintbrush was as difficult as going into my former place of employment and spending 8 long hours. The joy was no longer there. This made me sad, confused. It had always been my life long dream to work at home as an artist and to actually make some money doing so. How could I be feeling this way after only a few years of living my dream?

I knew that I needed to add something into my daily routine to mix it up a bit rather than to give up. Oh no, I will never give up my art but I need to find that pure joy again!

From my last post, you may be aware that I became an independent fashion consultant with LuLaRoe.

Oh, friends.

It has consumed me and the really great news is, that it also brought me back to my happy place in art!


You see, because of the popularity of this clothing line, I have been forced to step outside of my comfort zone. January, February and March...

I have spent countless hours creatively photographing the clothing that had taken over our cozy country home. Women have been shopping in my home, as well as online through my Facebook group. I have been so wrapped up in technology, responding to questions, sending invoices, running to the bank and to the post office daily. I did not even decorate for Easter this year... I was unaware that it was Easter until a few days before the date.

Although this has all earned me a nice additional income...

It can no longer take priority to the things that I am so very passionate about! NOooooooo!

This is not who I am and a valuable lesson has been learned:

Never want for any more than what you already have.


I have taken a step back and reevaluated the situation.

Art and creativity, along with home, hubby and family must come first. LuLaRoe is an add on and I will continue to take great care of my fabulous lady shoppers...

But I can no longer be glued to my computer or tripping over clothing racks (she says with a giggle)!

I woke up one day and took charge of my life!

And began to paint again in a clean, clothing-free space.


I'm finding it and loving it!


Today I finished this suitcase commission and I enjoyed every single moment! I was dreading it just a few months back.

I understand it all so clearly now.

I did need to add another job into my life and I am so glad that I did so!

I had hit a burnout stage. I needed a long break from my art in order to realize all over again just how important it is to me and my well being.

I so love to journal...

With a good cup of coffee!

Being "present" is very important to me.

I appreciate the girl in me who enjoys stopping, dashing to grab her camera to capture a very simple photo.

(That same girl who appreciates a rainy day and fresh flowers picked from her own garden).


This girl also loves playing dress up and cute clothes too!

But I can enjoy it all, can't I?


Finding it.

Enjoying the journey.

Blessings to you!

See you soon!



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