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Meet The Artist
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Friday, April 15, 2016

A Bulldog birthday...


I'm taking a little break from painting on this Friday night. Just poured myself a cup of Joe.

I sit back and critique.

I see eyes that need corrected in addition to adding more layers of luscious acrylic paint.

Needs more highlights. Mmmmm hmmmmmm.

But, oh how fun this silly painting is!

A girl and her Bulldog.

You see, next week is my friend, Lori's 50th birthday and I will be taking a road trip to attend her party and to spend a few days.

She loves Bullodogs and now owns three.

I woke up this morning with the idea to paint a whimsical portrait of her and one of her fur babies...

If I hurry, it will be a nice surprise for her!

I started on it this afternoon.

I will continue on with this project tomorrow!


Hubby and I went out for Chinese this evening. One of my faves! How about you? I chose the cashew chicken.

The sun has just set.

I enjoy painting by the big kitchen windows at times. I feel more connected to nature from this view. Birds are gleefully singing...

Another super sunny Spring day here on the prairie!

Goodnight, friends!

I'll meet you right back here,

Very soon!



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