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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Yes. This is happening now...

I would be lying to you if I told you that I want to paint every single day.

Friends, although my dream of working as an artist from home has become my reality and I absolutely love what I do...

There are moments when I feel forced to paint or work on a commission piece when my creative mind is dreaming of other things. For several months now, I have entertained thoughts of creating fabulous Valentine sculptures, decorating our house, learning to frost pretty layered cakes and pastries....the list goes on. But then, I am committed to my wonderful clients whom I adore, so naturally, I put them first and continue to work to complete their projects. I am always so happy that I do complete my commissions in a timely manner and know down deep inside, that I truly did put my heart into their art. It's a feeling like no other!

I do, however, recognize the need to enhance my creative life by adding another endeavor to in order to find some balance.

So the story goes like this:

Because I am at home so much, I am always in "lounge wear". Keep in mind, I am a gal who loves clothing and staying on top of the latest trends...

But rarely get to wear them.

So, I found these colorful, fun leggings online by a company called, "LuLaRoe".

Cute, comfortable clothing made in the US, with the exception of their leggings. The company has their own designer and exclusive fabric prints that are limited to only approximately 1000 pieces per print. As I explored further, I saw that the LuLaRoe leggings were being sought after and receiving so many great reviews for their "buttery soft" material, not to mention, their crazy exciting patterns! I was captivated and knew that this clothing line would express my style perfectly! I then had to locate a consultant since one cannot purchase directly from the LuLaRoe website.


I now own three fabulous pairs of LuLaRoe leggings, (soon will be wearing their tops, dresses and skirts), and as you can see in my photo above...

I am living comfortably! I use one pair for my morning workouts. Seriously amazing!!!

Just look at these! Don't they make you smile big?

When I must dash to the bank, post office or grocery store, I just throw on a cute sweater or oversized sweatshirt with the leggings and I look pretty cute!

I have become so obsessed.

Then, something clicked!

This is what I need!

I want to sell fun clothing! I want to show others how to create comfortable, cute outfits!

So, this is really happening now!

Meet your new independent LuLaRoe fashion consultant!

There are no catalogs to order from or sales pitches. I had to purchase my entire inventory, which hasn't even arrived yet. In the meantime, I have set up a Facebook group/online boutique (LuLaRoe with Missy Trent), and will have a grande opening just as a shop anywhere else would do. I will be giving away leggings so please, come join in!


Other things happening...

I just finished two Texas journal commissions!

Oh, how fun it was to paint for a mother and daughter who took a favorite song of theirs, and turned it into their "bucket list"!

They captured photos along the way and asked me to paint some of the events in watercolor journals.


Now, I am ready to dive into my own art journal...

a wonderful way to spend this bitter cold Winter day!

Stay warm, my friends!



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