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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

April fool...

Did anyone catch my April fool's joke in yesterday's blog post?

If you go back and look...

I had Mis-spelled "married" on this suitcase commission.

Yes, I left out the letter "e"!

I am embarassed to say that it was not an intended prank! I have corrected it and thank goodness I discovered the mistake before varnishing it!

It happens.


I had such a wonderful Friday night, how about you?

My darling husband is away, enjoying some male bonding with the fellas and nature.

I nurtured my soul by spending the latter part of the night in our bed, tv on, lavender essential oil burning in the diffuser and the warm glow of my Himalayan salt crystal lamp.

I made myself a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea.

Got out my art journal and watercolors.

It was perfect.

Oh, and these new watercolors have me beyond thrilled!!! I just purchased the Qor watercolor tubes by Golden and I am so impressed by their vibrancy! I first ordered one small set of the chroma tubes. Well, you know how that goes...

fall in love and "need" to order the additional sets! I did.

I can't wait to show you my next painting but for now it's time for the girls' to bond so I'm off to hang out with a girly friend from Texas!

You have fun and I will meet you back here again soon!



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