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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello, out there!

I type to you from my patio paradise! Oh, don't you just love, love, love Summer?!!!

I find much inspiration, right here.


Paul and I have been working in our gardens. One particular garden has been named, "The Rock Garden". It's on a slope, along a side of the house. We went shopping for the perfect plants and bushes...

But then something fabulous captured my full attention! PINK.....

Oh, yes!!!! I had to have a pair of those retro plastic, pink flamingos!

I couldn't wait to add them to a page in my Molskine art journal!

Of course, I like to color coordinate. Can't have a pair of pink flamingos without PINK flowers, don't you agree?

The rose bush that we planted, my very first Summer here, is also blooming pink! Yay!

We both really enjoy our patio.

Inspiration does come when we travel too. I quickly did another page in my journal...

Arkansas trip, Memorial Day weekend 2013.

Enjoy your day!


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