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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

From The Country... Art Journal Catch Up.

Hello out there!!!!

Oh, what a slice of Heaven it is, to be on Summer break! It's nice to wake up each morning, knowing that I can do anything that I desire... However, I do have some commission work to tend to (more on that in another post). I bounce out of bed bright and early, eager to play! Of course, even this requires coffee.

I did spend the first hour or so adding another layer of paint to a commission painting, but then I decided to catch up on some art journaling.

Do you recall the rooster journal entry? Well, I didn't use an entire page for the entry and I just cannot bring myself to waste any space in my art journals...

So, I did this-

I started journaling on the same page as the silly rooster entry, and spilled over onto the following page.

I like!


I'm so picky about my journals. I didn't want to start any new entries until I documented our Florida vacation! I like order and sequence.

Now that we are back home, we are working on our patio to create our own tropical paradise. Our patio bar has been completed. We pick up the quartz countertop Friday! The bar will also be a wonderful work station for me. We purchased some large tropical plants and pots over the weekend!

A little at a time.

That's okay. We have the rest of our lives here, together!

I must dash for now and get the chicken outside, and on the grill!

I shall return very soon!


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