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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Join Us For Tea?

I received a very special invitation today!
You are also invited.
It's been awhile... But I can still remember the fun that I had! Oh, my! I must start planning and pondering for the event. Everything must be just perfect, you see!
I have moved many times and many of my belongings remain in boxes...
But wait!
I think that I can locate that dress that I wore... Way back then.
Upstairs, downstairs, and to each room I peek. Ah ha!
My little vintage train case ( once belonging to my mother)!

Oh yes! Oh yes!!!!
I see that dress...
And also the tea set in which I had used!!!

I touch each piece, with a smile on my face. Finding lost treasures takes me back in time.

Yes, it's that time again and I am so grateful that my life is now settled and complete.
I will be a newlywed when this event rolls around!
I can unpack all of my lovely things, enjoy them again...
And plan such events with friends in blogland! Won't you join us too?

Vanessa is a wonderful hostess!
Can you believe that this is her 6th annual Mad Tea Party?!!!
I have attended two.
Here are a few photos from the past-

I do believe that I served a gypsy tea that year.
I get so excited preparing for this date!
What pastries do I serve up, what guests will be there...
Don't be late, don't be late!!!!

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