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Meet The Artist
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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Cabin... And The Woods!

For days I have been in my "art world"... Painting and painting. One commission piece getting closer to being completed, another just started. It's been pure bliss, but I'm so very anxious to play with some new art supplies. (I feel guilty if I goof off too much when I have people paying me to paint for them)! Oh, sigh. The new toys shall wait.

I still have more layers to lay down, but it will be ready to ship this week. I must soften the sky and add colorful wild flowers to the foreground. It's not to look realistic, but instead, "my storybook style", the buyer said to me. I'd really like to add twinkling stars to the sky and fill the entire foreground with mushrooms... Hmmm.

With time consuming pieces, one must walk away from it for awhile. Well, my sweetheart told me to pack a bag! We left town for a couple of days!

It has been lovely.

Our first night was spent in a beautiful casino hotel. Pampered, pampered, pampered. Then, on to Arkansas to ride the Polaris RZR deep in the woods, where we explore and snap pretty pictures. (And sleep in unknown places, without pampering services).


We stumbled upon this abandoned shed. Open fields surround us. Not a soul in sight.

I can't get enough. I'm on the ground, clicking away with my camera when HE sneaks up. "Baby"!, HE says (trying to get me away from the camera). I stop. I look up at him. He has picked beautiful flowers for me!!!! ( I quickly snap a pic while I'm still on the ground). I love capturing these precious moments!

I then ask him to take my picture, while holding the flowers!

We left the flowers behind, just as you see...

We took with us, some wonderful memories and great photos.

Yes, I walked away from my painting!

Back home now, after I enjoy our garden and this Memorial Day holiday, I will return to the art studio again.

Blessings to you all and thank you to our troops!


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