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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bright, Bold, Summer Colors!

Is it just me...

Or do you also get excited when you are surrounded by COLOR? I can hardly contain myself! I start snapping pictures, dashing from one bright color to the next! My head starts spinning, thinking about the colors on a canvas or in a future project. I returned home from Florida, feeling so inspired by colors!

Beautiful art displays throughout the Hyatt hotel really caught my eye. I even snapped a pic of the artist information, but unfortunately, the pic is nowhere to be found now so I cannot provide proper credit. So sorry.

I would pass by these displays daily during our stay. I would stop and take it all in. I feel sad for people who rush through life and never really stop to look at things. I observe everything. Rocks, flowers, textures, colors! I may never see that object or place ever again. I like to touch and smell!

Disneyworld is full of color and inspiration! (Disneyland in California is wonderful too... and will always be my magical place)!

Oh, so colorful tree flags at "Animal Kingdom". I love the Lion King movie. I cried. Then smiled! It's such a heartwarming show.


The last photo is from Epcott. Along with colorful inspiration, I also enjoyed the quick trips through several different countries!

So. What will I do with all of this color inspiration?

Well, the fantastic news is...

I now have the entire Summer to to dabble in many projects! Yesterday was the last day of school!!!! Working in a High school and being surrounded by graduating seniors, I felt as if I also graduated from school! At last, some time to rejuvenate, feel the sun on my skin, rest, think, slow down and observe even more! Today my sweetheart and I are taking a day trip to celebrate Summer! We are working on our patio (and even considering the purchase of a hot tub)... So we are going to shop for plants, pots, and colorful decor! He has also promised me a trip to a Barnes and Noble for some new art books and magazines! I want to do everything!!!! Paint, learn more about pastels, read, work in the garden and eat home grown salads!

Let the Summer vacation begin...

And surround myself in bright COLORS each and every Summer day!

Blessings to you!


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