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Meet The Artist
Missy Trent
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Surrounded by mermaids & Summer...

What on earth? (Or shall, I say, "in the sea")?

I cannot stop painting these happy little mermaids!


This week is off to another very productive start, I am thrilled to report.

Each morning I grab my coffee and make several trips to and from the patio, bringing art supplies outside to the table.

I prepped canvases and paper mache boxes with gesso on Monday.

By Tuesday, the paper mache boxes were coming to life with mermaids!

And today...

I am nearly finished!

The boxes will soon be available at Missy Trent Art.

Just click on the link and come take a peek!

I have continued on with my Summer reading as I wait for paint to dry.

Some times from the chair.

Other times, I am in the hammock!

Either way suits me just fine and just look at my backyard view!

Oh, Summer, Summer! I love thee!!!

Wishing you a fabulous, sunny day!



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