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Meet The Artist
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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Oh, just look...


Oh, just look at that creamy, vibrant red!

My fingers are dirty today as I paint.

It all began early this morning. I bounced out of bed, prepared the coffee and paused to snap this photo...

You see, I always stop at this window, each morning, so that I may peek out at the sky, the pond, and our land. I never want to miss out on any magical happenings taking place on the other side of this window!

Then I saw the assembly line that I placed onto the dining room table the night before. My "to do" for today.

Christmas ornaments.

Yes, it's time if I want to stay ahead of the game. Several of these are custom ornaments for a client who orders every year...and, a year in advance.

I have some fresh ideas and changes coming soon! I will certainly tell you all about it soon!

It has been a very quiet past few days here with my hubby being away and only having myself and two dogs to tend to. We have been outdoors, in the garden...


Harvesting salad!

We have been walking, patio sitting, reading, playing, shadow dancing.

Thinking about this guy...

Going through more pictures from last weekend's trip...

I have enjoyed a few naps too!

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!



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