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Meet The Artist
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Paper mache' mermaids... Check!


I am now checking the paper mache' mermaid boxes off of my "need to finish" list!

Yes, indeed. I finished these little jewels today and they are available at "Missy Trent Art".


I have truly enjoyed painting for fun and mermaids really are one of my favorite subjects to paint! Now it's time to get back to commission painting!

Hey! We have witnessed some amazing skies here on the prairie and you can bet that I am always ready to snap some pretty pictures for you!

Last night we had just a very soft rain. You know...the type of rain that rocks us to sleep?

This morning I bounced out of bed and out the front door to see what gifts Mother Nature left for our pleasure...

Oh my!!!!

A dewy piece of art created by one very talented spider! Just look at this pattern and detail! The drops of dew look like tiny diamonds.

After photographing this perfect web, I poured myself a cup of coffee and went to the patio to savor each sip. I felt thankful. Thankful that I am up so very early and that I am so appreciative of the small things in life. I am thankful that I am present and that I do observe.

Friends, I try my best to create my own fun and to find the beauty in most all things.

Even laundry...

No. I don't always enjoy doing the laundry but when I make it into a photo shoot or inspiration for a painting... It's not a chore anymore! Oh, and I must tell you that freshly hung bedding is a great way to sleep peacefully! The scent is amazing.

Simples pleasures are the best!

Until next time...



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