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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Christmas Coat...

It all began that Saturday just before Christmas.

A girls' day out... sushi and shopping, with my sister-in-law and niece who were visiting from Iowa.

We chose to shop downtown Lawrence because it offers so much historic charm with beautiful brick buildings, unique shops, boutiques, and antiques. (even used book stores that I could spend hours in).

We made our way into a very nice thrift store. Very trendy, in a retro kind of way. The clothing is gently worn, yet some, very old.

That's when I saw it.

"The Christmas coat". (I gave the coat this name because of it's fabulous green color and because it was so close to Christmas).

I instantly loved her! (So much that I had my sister-in-law hold the coat so that I could snap this photo).

Just look at this beautiful rose design!

The fur on the collar had lost it's fluff, but the coat seemed to be in good condition. I tried it on and to my surprise, it was a perfect fit! I twirled around, giggling at my view in the full length mirror. I always tell myself that if I try on clothing and it makes me giggle... then it's sold. A must-have.

I visualized me wearing a vintage Christmas tree lapel pin on it's breast. Oh, yes! That would certainly make it a true Christmas coat to wear year after year, wouldn't it?

I looked at the hanging tag which revealed the price: $27.00.

Really! ONLY $27.00 for this treasure?

Oh, how I wanted the coat...

but it was Christmas time and how could I possibly feel good about purchasing something for myself?

My thoughts raced around in my head. I have Winter coats. But not a green Christmas coat.

Many people in this world don't even have a coat.

Money is tight this time of year.

Save your money, Missy.

I hung the coat back on it's rack and we left the store.

Exhausted, mentally, from the debate taking place in my mind.

I am still thinking about that coat! I'm so glad that I took a picture of it. I even painted her on a page in my art journal. She's special.
Yes. I regret not bringing her home with me, but am so grateful to have the memory!
And so, that is the story of "The Christmas Coat".
Are you ready to ring in the new year?
We are!!!


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