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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre or Post Christmas?


Husband and I pour the morning coffee...

brewed from an old metal percolator pot from our vintage collection.

It seems to taste stronger this way. Hotter too.

Much needed on these brutally brisk Winter mornings.

Although tomorrow night is Christmas Eve, we haven't any plans or anyone but the two of us to celebrate with since we had our family Christmases early. Pre-Christmas just doesn't feel "right" to me!

I enjoy being out and about, walking downtown shopping strips. Saturday I snapped a few photos while spending time with my lovely sister-in-law who also adores art, second hand book stores, thrift shops, and antiques. (Oh, and sushi)!

The weekend before that, my family was here. I still feel some emptiness in my heart. After all, it is Christmas. A time for family.

I remind myself that I am very blessed to have my family still sharing this earth with me.

Yesterday it was back to work for both hubby and I.

Big commission paintings...

and I am so out-of-practice and experiencing a big creative block.

Not only have I been off of my routine...

It is Christmas, right?

A perfect time for some art journaling.

Just playing with paint and holding a paintbrush is great practice!

Yes, it feels wonderful to be back in my pretty art space, surrounded by my favorite toys...

even though my thoughts drift back to Christmas!

Post-Christmas here!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!



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