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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I wish...

I wish that every day could be Christmas!

Well, okay...

That might take away some of the excitement and joy if it were Christmas season all year long, but I would, however, enjoy having these warm feelings (that seem especially strong and present this time of year), every single day.

Speaking for only myself, I do feel more giving, more thoughtful and compassionate. Possibly it is because I become more aware in December. Aware that it is the season to give. Aware that there are so many less fortunate people in this world, and even in my own community.

Aware that I can do something.

I seem to become more driven to do my part in helping others and wow, that feels incredibly good!

This is REAL joy, indeed!

All of my senses really kick in when December rolls around!

I don't want to miss out on anything...

The smells of pine trees, cinnamon, candies and fudge being made in specialty shops...

The sounds of the Salvation Army bells, Christmas songs playing on the radio.

My eyes are wide open to all of the beauty and the magic that surrounds us, even while out running errands.

Lights, sparkles, and often, (in Kansas), SNOW!

We greeted our first snow of the season this morning!

Naturally, I grabbed my camera and my heavy brown coat. I through on some boots and out the door I went, careful not to leave too many foot impressions in the freshly fallen snow. That ruins a great photo opp!

Snap, snap, snap.

Isn't it great that we no longer have to ask ourselves if a subject is photo worthy or not? With digital, I feel so free to shoot!

After playing Miss photographer in the front yard, I made my way to the backside of our house.

I'm never out in the snow for very long. It's dreadfully cold.

Inside, I brewed a pot of coffee. At night I've been sipping tea or hot cocoa with a peppermint stick. I swirl the stick around and around, allowing the mint to dissolve and add a hint of "wintery" flavor. Those pure sugar sticks work best for this! (Those softer sticks).

Another special something that I only do during the Christmas season.


Today I finished my last custom ordered ornament so I am now officially taking a mini vacation to spend time on personal art and with family.

It was a successful year for selling and I thank my supporters from the bottom of my heart.

I never ever imagined that I would actually be living my dream.

I did make some time to finally bleach some of those charming bottle brush trees! I even glittered a few!

I purchased several of them last year but simply never found the time to get creative with them.

I had planned on dying some and adding "bulbs", but I was so captivated by the whites and the creamy colors that I decided to save the dying for next year.

For now, I sit in my favorite chair, all wrapped up in a soft sweater. Gazing at our pretty tree. Staying present!

Oh, how I wish...

that almost every day could be Christmas!

Sending blessings your way.

Peace & Love to all.


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