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Meet The Artist
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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Story Too Good Not To Share...

Hello, dear readers and how are you?

Today I would like to share a story. It is a story that needs to be told.

At the beginning of this new year I was contacted by a client. She asked me if I would be interested in helping her to fulfill her new year's resolution. We began messaging one another, after all, I was quite curious.

She wanted to become a better person in 2014, and to spread kindness to others through gift giving anonymously. She wanted to give art and asked me if I would create for her recipients. I was so touched by this entire project and by her generousity...

I immediately committed!

This lovely person has commissioned me to do a new piece of art, each month, throughout the 2014 year, for someone whom has either been an influence to her in her life, or to someone who is struggling with illness or a personal crisis. This month the recipient was a woman who was bullied throughout her school years.

I must confess, I have shed some tears while painting. I think about the person who will be receiving my art. I always hope that they will love it and that the piece will brighten their day. Most importantly, I wonder and hope that they have good lives.

I get to play "detective" as well! I locate these people through Facebook and do some snooping, in hopes to discover things that they may like or their favorite colors. I have even Messaged friends of theirs, explaining who I am and what I am doing- directing them to my Facebook business page to provide them with a sense of security.

My client has asked that I never reveal her name. I keep the promise and simply ship the finished art to the recipient, with a card. No name... Just an explaination and "enjoy this gift".

This is the third piece (11" x 16" acrylics/mixed media on stretched canvas), in which I have painted for the project. (The March recipient), who I discovered decorates her home in earth tones. Her favorite saying is, "Love you More"...

Something that her deceased grandfather used to say to her and her two sisters. He also called them "birds". So, the three birds represent she and her sisters.

I have never enjoyed a project as much as this one. My heart and emotions are really into it! I get so excited for the next assignment from this angel...

Which by the way, will go to a cancer patient.

Friends, I just had to share this story. It is a story that has also inspired me to become a better person and to carry on with the random giving of art once this project is completed.

I'm not wealthy, but I do have a talent and a passion that can be shared with others. All it takes is some time and shipping costs...

But the rewards that I gain by giving are always so grande!

I am so richly blessed and wish that for everyone out there!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear ones!



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