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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love You To The Moon...


The love month.

I did not get around to posting a traditional red, pink, and white blog post. Of course, it was on my mind, but I was busy painting in blues, purple, and gold.

Keeping odd hours around here. Enjoying the light of the moon.

And since hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day early so that he could take off for a trip...

it came and went so quickly. I did not even get out all of our glittery heart decorations for the home. Instead, I kissed him goodbye and I continued to paint moons.

Large canvases.

Itty bitty canvases.

And ornaments galore!

After sharing some pics on my "Missy Trent Art & Offerings" Facebook page, all but two of the ornaments sold, along with both tiny canvases! So...

I think that I will be painting more moons this week!

Still trying to decide what kind of ribbon to add to the ornaments. I'm quite fond of this sparkly moon yarn!

So, we are certainly feeling the love here. To the moon and back!

I do hope that you had a nice Valentine's Day and that you have been showered with love!

Blessings to you!



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