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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Big Girl Doodling... & SALE!

Hello, far away friends!

Have you yet settled into this new year?

I do believe that I will like 2014 very much! (Feeling positive here)!

I certainly have more creative energy than I have had in quite some time. I find myself jotting down ideas in notebooks that are scattered throughout the house...

thinking to myself, "I'll work on this next"! Sometimes, I'm even wide awake at odd, dark hours. Painting, journaling, sketching even MORE ideas.

This past week...

Word art.

I have always been a a "doodler". Always.

I recall sitting at my high school desks...

doodling words and designs on the desk tops, in pencil. (Not such a good idea).

By the time that the bell would ring for passing period, my entire desktop would be full of art. Art to me, anyway. Some works remained for the next student to enjoy...

while other desktop art got washed away with spray cleaner, with my own hands. Teacher's orders. True story.

Honestly, I never was a great student, however, I excelled in day dreaming...

and art, of course.

I'm thoroughly enjoying word painting right now, and working on some custom pieces for others who also liked the results of my "big girl doodling"!

I listed the "love you to the moon & back" in my shop yesterday! More to come because I'm on a roll!!!!

I do also want to share the SALE that I am offering through Facebook only. "Like" my page: "Missy Trent Art & Offerings", and receive $10.00 off of a custom, 9"x12" word art on heavy watercolor paper, ready to frame! This sale applies to the word art heart design and to US buyers only. (My apologies, friends... But the cost of shipping internationally is crazy high and has been disastrous for me in the past, therefor, I stopped).

Husband and I went to the city yesterday.

He is so very adventurous, ... Love this about him!

It wasn't in the plans, but he blurted out, as we were driving on the highway, "wanna go eat at Ameristar Casino"?

Oh my goodness!!!!

I could never say no to the Ameristar buffet!

Naturally, I also take in the beauty and enjoy the photo opportunities.


Painted ceilings and darling store fronts.

Oh so many glass cases filled with lovely, photo worthy sweets.

Yes. We left the Ameristar felling fat, miserable, sleepy.

Back at home...

both husband and I fell into a sweet, Saturday slumber!

Aaaaahhh, weekends!

Enjoy yours!



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