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Meet The Artist
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fun, Warmth, & Comfort...

Hello and Brrrrrrrrr!

Is it extremely cold in your little part of the world?

It's 10 degrees here on the prairie and surrounding areas.

I cannot complain though. I'm home, in my sweats, and have no commitments or places to go. We have power...

And a fresh pot of coffee!

Oh, and plenty of art to pass the time. Yesterday I had the pleasure of painting with my darling sister-in-law from Iowa. Both she and her husband (Paul's brother), came for a sleepover! I love it when the four of us get together. We blend perfectly! She loves art and even coordinates major art events in her city. It's her job. She is also a collector of art and every wall in their home is covered with art pieces in which she has purchased through the years. Us girls play and visit while the brothers engage in their common interests. Of course, we all gather for meals and last night, two movies, back to back! We were up very late and I'm feeling it today...

But am still painting.

Little by little.

Layer after layer. (Acrylics).


Along with coffee, there are hot cups of cocoa, overflowing with whipped topping and chocolate syrup.

The picture was taken Friday night from the city casino where hubby and I dined. The hot chocolate was so yummy, not to mention, pretty...

We went to the grocery store and picked up all ingredients for home!

It went quite well with our Friday night desserts.

It's been blowing and snowing here.

There's nowhere else that I'd rather be...

Than right here...

At home.

That's where the fun, warmth, and comfort is!

Wishing you a warm day!



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