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Meet The Artist
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Traveling Twist...

Home Sweet Home!

I find myself whispering these words,under my breath, often this week!

A trip to visit my now 50 year old friend, Lori, turned out to be a 9 day journey to 2 different cities in Kansas...

and not really knowing exactly when I would be returning back home since I was a passenger!

We will start the story in Wichita, Kansas.


Once I arrived at Lori's house, we did not waste any time in starting on the huge, wood photo booth bus for her hippie themed 50th birthday party!

We painted for two days, on her patio. We had sunshine, we had a few patches of grey, overcast skies. We had 70's music playing.

We had wonderful grilled meals, along with oh so pretty salads.

We had fun and good conversation.

Once the project was completed, we did get out to a few shops in Old Town.

I did not get to stay for the big birthday bash.

My uncle passed away...

So on to my home town I went to attend the funeral service and to enjoy time with my family.

I absolutely love hanging out with my parents!

We spent a couple of days exploring small surrounding towns, visiting antique malls and shops. We dined out, visited friends. Found serenity and I always find a new appreciation for the landmarks that I passed nearly daily for 45 years... but never really observed.

It's the little things and this place, these people...

Will always be "home" also.

Home sweet home.

Back in my own bed at night, loving our newly remodeled kitchen and living room!

Trying to get our home clean now and re-decorated has been my primary focus. Laundry, grocery shopping too!

My wonderful hubby and I catch up over coffee and food from "The Waffle House" on a cold, rainy night in between errands.

I am trying to get back into my routine, but have committed to some substituting at school. (Now just wishing to be done with that because I need my quiet, creative lifestyle more so).

I know me.

I long to just journal with a cup of tea.

No commitments for awhile.


Very soon.

I hope that you are loving life!

Until next time,



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