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Meet The Artist
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Swept away...


Oh my. Again! I have been swept away by Summer and all of its offerings.

We recently returned back home after a week long vacation. In my quiet moments, I'm documenting all of our sights and activities.

I always pack my personal art journal and a small bag of supplies, with good intentions...

but rarely do I actually get to the art journal. I am a person who believes in "being present and in the moment". I do not want to miss out on something beautiful and significant in my life because I was texting on my phone, on Facebook, or distracted by something else. I see it too often- people missing out on a conversation or a lovely meal because their heads are down, viewing a phone screen. That phone will be there after the event!

I find it to be sad. These moments cannot be re-lived. Even when I dine out, I want to focus on the food. The flavors and textures. I do tend to always snap a quick photo of my meal!

Although art journaling can be a very positive part of our travels, I simply prefer to play "miss photographer" while taking it all in and visiting with my husband! I get so tickled just watching him, seeing his excitement when he is exploring a new place!


By evening, we are exhausted in our hotel room... Otherwise, I would do some art journaling then and glue ticket stubs onto the pages.

But hey! Because I'm doing it AFTER the vacation, I get to go to these great places, all over again, right?


Would you like to see a few pictures from our journey?

So glad that you said, "yes"! (giggle.giggle).

Chicago, Illinois.

Indiana for some RZR riding in the dirt and mud!

Niagara Falls. New York and Canada!

Friends, it was so breath-taking. I just listened and breathed. The rainbows made Niagara Falls extra special!

We are always happy to also be back to our prairie home and in our normal routines again.


This was the first stop on our vacation. A place called, "Hannibal, Missouri". Home of Mark Twain.

This is the building that I am working on in my art journal.


Until next time,

Be safe and have a happy 4th of July!


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