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Meet The Artist
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pianos with Parents...

Hello out there!

Time flies when we are having fun, doesn't it?

We enjoyed a Memorial Day weekend, filled with colorful events, good food, a trip to the farmers' market, exploring... with my fantastic parents who came to visit!

A miniature train display was quite the sight...


But I must say that the "Pianos on Parade", held at Union Station (an old train depot), in Kansas City, was my personal favorite.

The artists painted the pianos right there, for us to enjoy!

Once the pianos are completed, they will then go to the local business that sponsored them.

How cool is that?

Take a look...

Although I took many more photos, you get the idea. They were amazing!

I love hanging out with mom and dad. I miss them already.

I'm back to painting. Something colorful!

Of course, there is a story behind the skulls...

but I'm just too tired to tell.

It must be all of this rain that we have had here on the prairie.

Until next time,



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