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Meet The Artist
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Treasures of the Sea...

Around here lately...

It seems that I am surrounded in water, as it has been raining. Big rain.

That's fine with me because I adore water.

I am especially fond of the sea...

it's hues of turquoise, blue, green, and white.


Sea creatures fascinate me...

even if they really only live in my head....

or not?

I like to believe that they do exist.

Sunken treasures below.

I ponder all of these things while sculpting clay heads and tails.

While painting tiny fish.

I have enjoyed several sea theme art projects since returning home from our vacation.

The mixed media mermaid doll was a fun project for an art doll swap! She is being shipped to New York today. In return, I will receive a handmade art doll from my swap partner in New York!

This is what I refer to as my "play time" art. My hobby. Art with no instructions!

This big guitar case was my most recent commission. Although it came to me with instructions, I absolutely loved doing this piece!

"Bugs" is a pet dog who has passed on. My lovely client hired me to paint this case as a tribute to Bugs...

a gift for the doggie parents. Isn't that sweet?

I feel as if I am still on vacation with all of these sea projects...

I even added some ambient lighting to the tree, right outside of my studio window.

Fireflies in a sea colored jar? Oh yes!

It makes me smile!

Sending some tranquility your way!

I'll meet you back here again soon!



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