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Meet The Artist
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Monday, September 22, 2014

*Pumpkin Love*

Orange, yellow, purple, gold, red, and brown.

Are you seeing them too?

I'm finding these lovely, rich colors of Fall here and there...

on a morning walk, I have stumbled upon resting leaves beneath the trees.

Every market has pumpkins now, in all shapes and sizes!

Because our pumpkin patch failed us...

I purchased some pumpkins for our home. I am particularly fond of these white pumpkins.

Of course, I bought an orange one too...

and I really love painting them, as you may already know about me.

Most evenings are spent in the living room with hubby. He watches television while I play with my watercolors. I must confess, I have quite a collection of watercolors since they are my fave. I have itty bitty field sets, medium size sets, tubes, half pans, watercolor pencils, hydrus watercolors, and even that very expensive 48 color palette in a metal box.

I love them all equally, for different uses.

I want more watercolors, can you believe? Not to be a greedy or snobby artist... But because I truly get so very excited to try them all! (and I still use each and every set)!

For Halloween art, I really like the iridescent watercolors and Twinkling H20's.

Do you have a favorite medium or hobby that you just never can get enough of?

During the day I am still plugging away with commissions.


An Irish Blessing in honor of a man who turns 80 years old in October. His grown children asked me to do the painting, which will be donated to their church. Isn't that so nice?

The man was also a wheat farmer.

I absolutely enjoy hearing the stories that go with each commission. These are real people with real events...

and I always feel so honored myself, to be a part of.

God is good!

By night...

I'm right back here, in the living room...


Yes, I got the Halloween decorations out...

Even the lights!

*pumpkin love*



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